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The Benefits of Older Adult Group Activities

Older adults who participate in group activities such as exercising or learning to play an instrument gain benefits beyond the skills they are focused on. This article is a study review of Dr. Sam Tsugawa’s research on music teaching and learning among older adults. The review has been published with The Good Men Project. The author, Sammi Trujillo, is the Public Scholar Writer for the BYU Gerontology Program. She will graduate this year with a Bachelor's degree in Family Studies, with an emphasis on public writing in the social sciences. You can read her article here. Dr. Tsugawa’s article can be found on our Faculty Research page

Archived 10/28/2019

Careers in Aging Roadmaps

Did you know that career opportunities for students interested in work in the aging field are expanding? This is largely because people 65 years old and older are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. And, although there are a broad range of exciting career opportunities in aging, there are not enough professionals to keep pace with the increasing demand.

Archived 7/05/2019

BYU researchers find new target for pancreatic cancer treatment

Gerontology Faculty Affiliate Dr. John Price and his grad student Monique Speirs have found a way to slow the cancer cell adaptation process.

Archived 5/02/2019

And I Continue: A Conversation about Dance and Aging

Watch the incredible journey of older dancers in this documentary directed by Kate Monson, a Faculty Affiliate of the Gerontology Program, and read more in the BYU News.

Archived 4/10/2019

Noteworthy Singer Studies Gerontology

BYU Gerontology student Camille Jones (center in the picture) is a member of BYU's all-female a capella group, Noteworthy. This group has had recording sessions, a music video, and a Texas tour this year.

Archived 4/9/2019

Longevity Secrets of Utah Centenarians

A recent post by Jake Rogers and Dr. Jeremy Yorgason enlightens us on the biological, psychological, and social factors shared by people who live past their 100th birthday.

Archived 2/7/2019

GSA Fellow

BYU's Dr. Jeremy Yorgason, Director of the BYU Gerontology Program, has been named Gerontological Society of America Fellow.

Archived 1/10/2019

Stroke and Dementia

Dr. Steven Greenberg, from Massachusetts General Hospital, talks about stroke and dementia on BYU's radio show "Top of Mind" with Julie Rose. Click here to listen to the interview.

Archived 1/10/2019

A Smarter Life Alert

BYU student Katie Strobel, an entrepreneurship senior from Idaho Falls, Idaho, teamed up with BYU engineering students through the Crocker Fellows program to create a smartwatch application for elderly adults. “We call ourselves the smart Life Alert.” 

Archived 12/5/2018

Blue Zones and Longevity with Ivo Pirisi

BYU's Department of Psychology, Gerontology Program, and Neuroscience Center hosted Ivo Pirisi, PhD, from Italy on Thursday, November 16th. Dr. Pirisi is an expert on Blue Zones and Longevity.

Archived 12/3/2018

Loneliness is Lethal

More older Americans are suffering from chronic loneliness, and the long-term health risks can be deadly. Read the article published by the AARP for more information.

Archived 11/30/2018

Reversing Social Isolation

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, an Affiliate of the BYU Gerontology Program, recently participated in a roundtable discussion on the topics of rural aging and social isolation, which led to a policy brief by the Bipartisan Policy Center. Read the brief for more information..

Archived 11/30/2018

The U.N. Discusses State and Family Responsibilities in Promoting and Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons

Dr. Jeremy Yorgason, Director of the BYU Gerontology Program, was a distinguished panelist at the United Nations Human Rights Council during a multi-session seminar on family and older persons, held in Geneva on June 11th. These sessions can be accessed here: Session 3 | Session 4

Archived 11/30/2018

Marital Benefits of Daily Individual and Conjoint Exercise Among Older Couples

Jeremy Yorgason, Lee Johnson, Melanie Hill, and Bailey Selland have found that couples who exercise together experience even more benefits than if they only exercise separately.

Archived 11/30/2018

Running helps the brain counteract negative effect of stress, study finds

Exercise protects vital memory and learning functions, according to BYU Gerontology Faculty Affiliate Jeff Edwards.

Archived 7/30/2018

Identification of mutations that prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers examine elderly people with a high risk for Alzheimer’s disease who remain cognitively healthy. They find that rare variants in the RAB10 gene may provide protection from the disease.

Archived 6/18/2018

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Annual Gerontology Conference 2018

March 14th and 15th for the annual Gerontology Conference. We will get to hear from Dr. Steven Greenberg of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as our own Dr. Scott Sanders and Dr. John Chaston. Visit the Conference page for more information

Archived 4/17/2018

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Cards for Care

The Gerontology Program and College of Nursing hosted Emily Ellis, from Vancouver, B.C. on August 29th. Emily has designed conversation prompts called "Cards for Care" using design and reminiscence theories. Emily hopes to have front-end care providers use these cards to learn patients' interests and life histories, to improve the patients' happiness and quality of life, and to encourage empathy in care providers.

Archived 2/26/2018

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

What happens when the body ages, and what can we do about it?

BYU's Top of Mind Radio Show host, Julie Rose, interviewed BYU rofessors David Kooyman, David Thomson & Jonathan Alder to discuss answers to these questions on Friday, May 16th.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Archived 2/26/2018

BYU professor is spearheading big changes in how the world views social relationships and loneliness

BYU Gerontology Program Faculty Affiliate, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, makes headlines with her focus on the long term effects of social connection.

Archived 2/26/2018

BYU researchers identify genetic variation that protects against Alzheimer’s disease

BYU researchers identify gene variation that protects against Alzheimer's disease. Follow this link to read the article.

Archived 2/26/2018

Collaborating for Champions: Students and the Senior Games 

Gerontology Students are recognized for their involvement at the Huntsman World Senior Games. Follow this link to read the article

Archived 2/26/2018

Elderly couples in wildfires' path died in each other's arms

Older adults are at greater risk during emergency evacuations. Click here to read more.

Archived 11/30/2017

A Flight to Remember

BYU’s College of Nursing adopted the national Honor Flight program—and 17 war heroes—to better train students in veteran care. To read the story, go to

Archived 11/17/2017

IAGG Conference 2017

Gerontology Students and Faculty Affiliates presented their research at this year’s IAGG Conference in San Francisco. Click here to see their presentations.

Archived 11/17/2017

Crocker Innovation Practicum

Crocker Innovation Fellowship

BYU's Crocker Innovation Practicum is a class focused on creating new and innovative business ideas. This team spent the last year developing a business around medication management, specifically easing the caregivers' burden by helping them with medication management and compliance. "It's cool to not only talk about the theory behind entrepreneurship, but to actually get our feet wet," says Claire Thomas. For more information about the program, go to

Archived 9/7/2017

Larry Tucker

High levels of exercise linked to nine years of less aging (at the cellular level)

Professor Larry Tucker's research shows that you may be able to slow down one type of aging. Read more about his research here.

Archived 9/7/2017

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Aging Isn't All Bad, Asylum Seekers, Human Navigation

Dr. Marc Agronin talks about aging on BYU's radio show "Top of Mind" with Julie Rose. Click here to listen to the interview.

Archived 7/3/2017

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Families That Grieve Together . . .

"Families That Grieve Together" discusses family relationships, the grieving process, and how to "mourn with those that mourn." Click here to read the article published in BYU Magazine.

Archived 5/12/2017

2016 Leaders of Tomorrow: Tanner Mitchell

BYU Gerontology Alumni Tanner Mitchell named one of the 2016 Leaders of Tomorrow in the field of Gerontology. Follow this link to the full article in Long-Term Living Magazine.

Archived 5/12/2017