Senior Games



Each year during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October, the Huntsman World Senior Games (HWSG) are held in St. George, Utah. The games are the largest and most well organized annual senior games event in the world. More than 11,000 senior athletes (age 50+) from all 50 states in the U.S. and more than 30 countries come to compete in 30 different sporting and athletic events.

BYU students have a 26-year history of volunteering to conduct health screenings, including balance, blood pressure, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, emotional health, functional strength, glaucoma, visual acuity, carotid artery ultrasound, hearing, and more. Students receive training for the various health screenings, and for the most part all expenses are covered. Dr. Ron Hager of Exercise Sciences has been organizing this volunteer experience for BYU students for 20 years!

In addition to the benefit of the volunteer experience, students can also receive internship credit for their major and/or for the Gerontology Minor internship requirement.

The 2019 Senior Games Health Screenings were offered October 9th-12th and 15th-17th. Volunteers can go one or both weeks and earn 1 internship credit for each week that they volunteer!

Volunteers sign up by filling out this Google Form.

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“I have attended the Senior Games two years in a row and have loved the experience. I have learned so much about health and the joy that good health can bring to an individual as they age. It has changed my perception about getting old and has served as a motivator to take care of my body while I am young. Every student should attend the Senior Games if they have a chance to. It will change their lives.” (Oleg M.)

“This has been one of the most incredible experiences of my time at BYU! It is hands on motivation that should give you a vision of what life can look like in old age. Wow.” (Nathan T.)

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I met so many amazing people and really made an effort to get to know them. I want to try to volunteer at the games in the years to come! Definitely one of the best internships EVER!” (Madisyn M.)

“It is one of the greatest mid-semester opportunities you could participate in! It's a great break from any monotony you're feeling with school to help you remember what you're learning and why you're learning it. You'll have chances to meet awesome people - seniors and students alike.” (Meagan P.)

“This was an incredible experience to open your eyes to another side of getting older. You see the people who care about taking care of their bodies and you gain hope in having an independent and fulfilling life throughout your lifetime. Also I recommend doing the carotid artery ultrasound extra training. We as a team grew close and became good friends. These are friendships I will hold close for years to come.” (Tyler B.)

“The athletes were funny and impressed me! Fun to be in such a beautiful place as St. George and be able to get internship experience at the same time.” (Cory H.)

“It's so cool to meet people who are so athletic and healthy for their age and competing in things most people their age can't do. They have such awesome life experiences to share too. I learned a lot in the screenings about my own health as I was trained to teach the athletes about their health. It was so fun and Dr. Hager and the others in charge are really great!” (Julia H.)